We value the health and wellness of our patients and our staff with paramount importance and take pride in providing your and our staff a safe, clean and sterilised environment. Please understand that for this reason we have adjusted our protocols to ensure that we can provide a safe and hygienic environment for our staff and our patients.

The following adjustments will be made for as long as required:

Hand steriliser is available throughout the practice for use by both you, our patient, and our staff.
All staff will be wearing gloves and masks / facial visors during interaction with you.
Our patients will be asked to also use a mask / face visor during interaction with our personal.
Hand towels have been removed from our restrooms. Paper towels are available to dry your hands.
Only one patient will be allowed in the waiting area at a time. Should you arrive early for your scheduled appointment you will be requested to wait in your car until your indicated appointment time OR a space is available in the waiting area.
Although we value the benefit of family centred care, at this stage we will only allow the patient in the treatment area. Should the need arise to discuss treatment aspects with a family member / significant other, that will be done telephonically.
After each appointment all equipment and touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected.
Lastly our usual coffee and water stations will no longer be operating in this time, to limit any possible cross contamination.

If you feel ill or are visibly coughing, have a running nose and present with flu-like symptoms with or without a fever, rather cancel your appointment until you feel better. This is essential to protect you and also others that come to the practice.

When coming for your appointment, you will be required to declare that you do not present with any of the above mentioned symptoms.

We are aware that this information may make you anxious, but that is not the intention. The best is to educate ourselves with what is out there and how to limit the spread. We also want you to feel safe when you come for your regular consultations at the practice.

We look forward to seeing you again.

Stay healthy.